Monday, July 30, 2007

What do you do to get out of the scrapping funk?

Things are slow here in the Themer house, as far as the scrapping goes. I have done one page in two weeks. Just can't seem to wrap my brain around the pictures that are severely piling up here. I am working on cards for Stamp Club and they are finally coming together - it has been several days of working on these mind you. So, my question for each of you is "What do you do to get the ole' Mojo going again?"


The Scrapping Queens said...

Anita, I like to look at my idea books and magazines when I am in a slump...It may get some sparks going...even if I scraplift a page it means I am getting a page done...then I also try to give myself 15 minutes a day in my scrap area...even if it means trimming my scrap paper that has gathered or organizing something...sometimes that 15 minutes grows...I also will put the pictures I want to scrap on the table and then as I walk by them each time I may add the paper..trim a few...add matting paper...embellishments...etc until the page is ready to create...hope these ideas help!


The Scrapping Queens said...

Hi Anita!
I do the same as Carol. I also look at all types of magazines and look at the ads. The ads give you great layout ideas and color schemes.


The Scrapping Queens said...

Well Anita you are definately not alone! Its been happening to me. I am trying to get out of it, but it isn't working. So I think I need to stop thinking about it and just take some time off from it. When I am ready again I will get going.
I hate slumps!

Sharon said...

I find I usually get my mojo back from browsing online galleries or participating in random message board challenges that strike my fancy. Sometimes when someone else defines the arameters for a page (either theme, product, sketch, etc) it takes some of the pressure off and the creativity just flows.

Nanc said...

I also find that looking at past layouts of my own sometimes sparks something in my feeble brain...

a lot of times, too, looking at quotes will spark something...I'll see a great quote (like the one from a Starbx ad today) and think - wow - that would work with this or that group of pictures.

when my mo has gone south and my jo has gone west, sometimes, too, that means I need to do some of the mundane housekeeping type activities of scrapbooking - organize pictures, catch up on scanning old photos that I want to archive (or that my sister is trying to take away because they are of HER kid - I mean, the nerve, lol) and print later...and usually, while doing that, mo and jo hook up and come back and rescue me, lol!~

Melissa said...

Actually I find a layout I really like and I try lifting it... usually that gets me in the right direction and very very rarely does the lift actually occur. I end up changing it so much, it doesn't even look like a lifted Layout. Once I'm done, I'm happy and want to do more.