Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Lets Get on with Halloween!

What do you like to do for those little Trick or Treaters or for the school party, do you make something special or do you just purchase Candy in the bag?


Debbie said...

Well when my kids were young and had school parties, I would make cookies or cupcakes for them. As for our annual trick or treating around our town, well I am here to tell you we receive about 300 kids, so yes I definately do buy the candy by the bags, there would be no way to make pop corn ball for this bunch!


Tricia said...

I feel bound to make something crafty every year. This year I used my Cricut to cut out small treat bags. I embellished them with pumpkins and a spider ring and filled them up with candy.

pretty-pink-cards said...

I have done candy bags for the children who come round, but this is our first year at this house

caroline x