Friday, November 23, 2007


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

For me this is a family holiday. I have to admit I love Christmas, but by the time it gets here I am super exhausted and then it passes by so fast that it is kind of a disappointment. Thanksgiving on the other hand is my best holiday. Not a lot of thought into this one, a Turkey, and the fixings. Usually my greatest thought is what kind of dessert I am tasting first! Its filled with lots of family and food. Every year I am thankful that I have my complete family with us still and we can all enjoy a great family day together. I am also grateful for all the new additions that come into our family and this year we are welcoming 3 new people to our Thanksgiving table. I look forward to seeing my sisters that live far away and enjoying the chatter and catching up. I also enjoy that it is usually a long weekend and we can all relax for 3 more days before we have to hurry off to our busy lives on Monday. These are my favorite things about this special day, what is yours!

Your comments are welcome about what you are thankful for about Thanksgiving!

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