Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hello Design Team!

Well its Tuesday evening, almost to the middle of the week! I have a question for this week. Here it is:
We all dream, we all wish and we all hope for things to happen in our lives. What is one thing that you dream of in your life that you hope or wish will come true?


Debbie said...

Well since I posted this question I will have to comment on it.

I hope with all my heart that my husband finds his real mom and dad. Its been such a strain on him not belonging and wishing to know if he has any brothers and sisters. He has finally gotten the courage to begin his search. I also hope that when he finds them they open their arms and welcome him into their family.

Anonymous said...

My wish would be to have my family a little closer to me. It has been very hard to adjust to a life with no family, all of the are still in Chihuahua, Mexico. I miss them dearly, not having a mom, dad, brother and/or sister to see when you are sick, fighting with your husband, sad, happy or just because you need a break, it has been very hard.

Lorelie said...

My wish is for my parents to accept the path I've taken in life so they can build a relationship with their grandsons, including my stepson. It's been almost 4 years since I've seen or spoken to them and my sons have no memory of them...I hope this will change before they miss out on their childhood.

Melissa said...

I wish a wonderful life for my 2 boys! I hope nothing happens to them during their childhood and I'm able to watch them grow and develop into wonderful young men.

I know most people wish this for their children.. but it's the thing I wish for the MOST!

Anita said...

I wish for great lives for my boys. They are the best thing that has happened to me and I truly want to see them reach their goals and be happy.