Thursday, August 2, 2007

Question of the Week - August Week 1

Part A
Do you have a subscription to any Scrapbooking or Crafting magazine?
IF so, which one/s? Tell us what you like about the magazines you receive.

Part B
What do you do with the magazines after you've read through them?


Sharon said...

I used to subscribe about 5 or 6 different magazines, but in an effort to save money and space on my shelf I decided to downsize and only get the magazines I am truly inspired by. Scrapbook Answers went under. I let my Creating Keepsakes and Simple Scrapbooks lapse and will ultimately let my Memory Makers lapse as well. I will continue to subscribe to Scrapbooks Etc and Digital Scrapbooking and am thinking about getting one for PaperCrafts.

I like SBE because they seem to showcase layouts using many different styles of scrapping. they have some that are more simple in design as well as ones that require multi step techniques. I also like the sketch pullout they include in every issue. Digital Scrapbooking magazine is new this year and I like it because it is the first magazine dedicated to all digital. (I am addicted to digi these days) Loads of inspiration in there, PaperCrafts magazine is just the BEST card and paper project magazine I have seen - I always find something I want to make from each issue.

I used to keep every issue of every magazine, but ran out of room. I have purged old issues and have kept this year's. At the end of the year I will tear out pages I still find inspiring and save them in a folder and recycle the rest.

Debbie said...

I have many, many subscriptions, but I have decided not to renew only a couple this next year. I really like sketch books instead, so that is where I plan to put my $$$ towards.
After I am done with the magazines well of course I have to keep them all. I have stacks of them, but I have decided to put some of my less favorite ones out to my garage sale tomorrow and see how they go!


The Scrapping Queens said...

I don't have any subscriptions right now. My last one was for Scrapbook Answers, but like Sharon said it went under. When I first started scrapping I subscribed to Creating Keepsakes for several years.

I still have all my magazine issues, I just can't seem to get rid of any of them!


The Scrapping Queens said...

I loved Scrapbook Answers - probably my fav, but alas they are no more. I currently get Simple Scrapbooks, Creating Keepsakes, Scrapbook Etc, and Papercrafts. I probably will not renew them - well maybe Papercrafts. most of the things I see in the magazines I can find on the internet too. So, I will start saving my money by not renewing. What do I do with them? I tear out what I want to keep, and throw the magazine away or give it to someone. I have kept all of my scrapbook answers, but for the rest of them, I can usually pare them down to about 5 or 6 pages. Sure helps in the organizing.