Friday, August 3, 2007

Lynda's answers to the question of the week

Question of the Week - August Week 1
Part A
Do you have a subscription to any Scrapbooking or Crafting magazine?
IF so, which one/s? Tell us what you like about the magazines you receive.

I subscribe to Memory Makers, Card Makers, Simple Scrapbooks, and Scrapbook Etc. I used to get a few more, but found the same scrappers were featured over and over...
I have always been a MM subscriber...found their style has changed a bit recently with the new ownership, but have found they seem to have a good variety of techniques but not too trendy. Love Card Makers...used to get CARDS, but can not justify the over $10 an issue price tag for thier magazine...also stopped getting Scrapbook Trends for the same reason (had been a subscriber of theirs from the good old days when they were Ivy Cottage Creations). I like Simple scrapbooks...lots to read in that well as good examples. I also like Scrapbooks Etc. I like the articles in there to on photography.

Part B
What do you do with the magazines after you've read through them?

Now there is the kicker....I used to save them all...why? I haven't a clue, but I have years and years of them all stored neatly in the closet under the stairs. Just recently I have been going through the old issues cutting out the layouts and ideas that I find appealing and putting them into a 3-ring binder. I clip out whole articles when needed and put them in page protectors. It was funny because my dh you are scrapbooking a scrapbooking magazine...hmmm...(as he saw me and my gluestick busy putting my "keepers" onto plain white paper in the binder.

I then pass the rest of the magazine to my girls to cut up for a while...then they go into the recycling.

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